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Literally Learn French

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This is a community where people learning to speak French as a second (or third, or fourth...etc.) language may post their French literary endeavors (poetry, short stories, even papers for class). Writing stories or poetry is a great way to expand vocabulary and understanding of grammar, idioms, and overall what-works and what-doesn't when learning another language. This community is an open-minded place to put your work out there for native speakers of French to critique, as well as for us fellow francophiles.

The more we write in French, the more words we will have to look up and the more experience and vocabulary we will gain. And the more our skills are critiqued, the better we will be able to use French to get across what we really mean.

Anyone is welcome to join, and French-speaking natives are especially encouraged. Off-topic/English posts will be removed, and long entries will be lj-cut to save space on people's friends lists.

Moderated by user biz0unced. Have fun!


Voici une communauté où les personnes qui étudient le français comme une langue deuxième (ou troisième, ou quatrième... etc.) peuvent écrire la poésie, les contes, même les rédactions de classe. Écrire est une bonne façon d'apprendre la langue, et dans cette communauté les francophones et les pairs des étudiants de la langue peuvent critiquer constructivement leurs compositions.

J'invite tout le monde à participer, surtout les francophones dont nous pouvons apprendre tant.

Cette communauté est modéré par biz0unced.